MRA Type 2

Miniature Radar Altimeter for operations up to 100 m.

The high accuracy of the Miniature Radar Altimeter (MRA) Type 2 makes it ideal for UAV platforms capable of Vertical Take Off and Landing (VTOL), such as rotary wing vehicles. With a range down to just 20 cm and accuracies of 1 cm the MRA Type 2 provides the measurements necessary to perform safe and controlled landings.

High accuracy

Operational range is from 100 m down to just 20 cm making the MRA Type 2 ideal for providing height measurements for landing

Integral antenna

A compact design and integrated antenna mean the MRA Type 2 needs just half the space of  traditional radar altimeters


Using an MRA Type 2 can offer a weight saving of up to 75% which allows greater payloads to be carried.

Key Specifications

Parameter Value
Altitude Range 20cm – 100 m
8 inches - 325 feet
Accuracy (max) 1 cm
0.4 inches
Horizontal Velocity (max) 300 m/s
580 kts
Update Rate 10 Hz
Dimensions 140mm x 75mm x 46mm
Weight 375 g
13 oz